St Margaret's Church,
Finchely, London


Finchley Presbyterian Church was inaugurated in 1893 and took the name of St Margaret’s in 1932.

Today, the number of members, like most churches, has been declining over the past 10 years with membership of 25 and a worshipping congregation of around 18 – 25.

On consideration of the options available, the Church Members have sought to explore the total re-development of the site with an emphasis on attracting new church members and opening the church building up to the wider community.

The proposals for the site seek to retain the existing 1907 locally listed church building with some internal modifications to enhance usability of the interior space by constructing new moveable walls and building a mezzanine floor.

In reaching out to a new congregation, a rethinking of the vestibule is necessary in the language of the building to create a more welcoming approach.