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16.04.14 /

Harry Harris goes for gold at London Marathon!

Congratulations Harry!

Harry Harris, owner and co-founder of  SUSD, ran the London Marathon last Sunday 13th April 2014. He managed to complete it in an incredible 4 hours 19 minutes whilst dressed as a daisy! He ran in aid of two charities, managing to raise £2, 500 for The Daisy Garland and £3, 000 for Crimestoppers.

08.04.14 /

Water Tower Project shortlisted for the International Design and Architecture Awards 2014

The SUSD Ltd. Water Tower project has been shortlisted for the 2014 design et al International Design and Architecture Awards in the Regeneration Category.

SUSD Ltd. undertook the challenging project to create a unique house framed within an existing 1930s concrete water tower structure and have been praised for their efficient and sustainable design. The tower, which was situated in a very urban location on the bank of the Grand Union Canal in West London, was converted into a circular two bedroom home.

The build took just three days to complete as the design incorporated very precise and finished prefabricated wooden panels produced and craned in by German company Becker & Sohn. The panels are highly sustainable through the use of captured carbon. The complex project demonstrates how redundant buildings in challenging locations can be turned into amazing homes by the use of an architect’s creative skills.

The International Design and Architecture Awards are hosted to recognize talent, create opportunities and offer inspiration. Short listed entries are judged online by a voting system open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers, clients and customers.

14.01.14 /

The Water Tower

Towards the end of 2011 SUSD completed this challenging project on the Water Tower. A unique house was created, framed within the existing 1930s concrete water tower structure. Here, Harry Harris, Director of SUSD talks about the fascinating project and the challenges faced.


Video by Voist

18.12.13 /

SUSD to work as co-developers with the Gansevoort Hotel Group

SUSD are creating a reputation for innovative developments. The collaboration with the New York- based Gansevoort Hotel Group where SUSD will act as development managers as well as co-developers of the scheme in Shoreditch is one of the exciting projects in their portfolio for 2014.

New York, N.Y. – December 13, 2013 – Michael Achenbaum, the creative visionary behind New York-based Gansevoort Hotel Group, has partnered with Douglaston Development, SUSD and Hondo Enterprises to develop a full-service urban resort at 45 Curtain Road in East London’s fashionable Shoreditch district, set to break ground early next year. The $98 million project will feature 120 guest rooms with seven luxury suites, a restaurant, bi-level bar, rooftop swimming pool and lounge, 24-hour fitness center, over 6,000 square feet of meeting and event space, and a tech incubator.

Architects Dexter Moren Associates and interior design group Design DMU will merge Achenbaum’s high standard for style and service with the edgy, urban vibe of the up-and-coming Tech City area in Shoreditch, paying homage to the district with designs inspired by the local street art scene. Furthering his reputation as a catalyst for development in emerging neighborhoods, Achenbaum and his partners, with the support of London & Partners and UKTI, selected Tech City in Shoreditch for its growth, leadership and extraordinary cultural diversity.

“I’m always seeking to expand my portfolio in emerging neighborhoods that have a vibrant social life where businesses can grow and flourish,” said Michael Achenbaum. “Shoreditch aligns brilliantly with our vision for this project and we’re thrilled to break ground during such an exciting time for the neighborhood.”

The property is poised to become a social hub for the entrepreneurial community while meeting the growing demand from London’s financial center and the many companies primed to build up Shoreditch as an epicenter for technology, media and creative industries.

“Hackney Council’s Regeneration team has been working closely with Achenbaum and his team for two years to help realize their plans to build an exciting urban resort in Shoreditch. This successful collaboration has involved integrating this multimillion-dollar investment into our growing economy, creating jobs for local residents as well as contributing to the growth of the creative community in Hackney,” said Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Regeneration.

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional organization for London added, “Achenbaum has chosen the perfect London location for this project. The hotel opening in the digital hub of Europe will provide further options for London’s increasing visitor market and will make a great addition to the capital’s existing offerings.”

Royal Bank of Scotland provided debt financing for the development. The project is expected to create at least 150 jobs and is scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2014 with an opening slated for the following year.

16.12.13 /

The United Reformed Church

Throughout London there is a wealth of property just waiting to be revived and renewed, all  have a myriad of problems created to defeat the most determined of people. Top of the list  are old tired buildings encrusted in grime and requiring a face lift. Close behind are property  owners who want to remain in an area and need funds to continue but cannot see how they  can pay for a refurbishment.  Both these groups could benefit from a meeting with SUSD who  enjoy seeing how ‘no hope buildings’ can  be changed and enhanced with a bit of creativity  without knocking down and destroying the fabric of an area.

The story of United Reformed Church in Bayswater is aimed to get you thinking about the opportunities which are on every street just waiting to be given a big shot of tender loving care to create places where people can work, live and enjoy.

The United Reformed Church was built over 140 years ago, a magnificent example of Victorian architecture. The building stood firm, survived bombing and developers but raised a real headache for St Pauls URC and Thames North Trust on how to make the building fit for purpose and most importantly how to pay for it. A list of problems starting with lack of light, not meeting the stringent health and safety requirements and the upper floors were tired and under used.

Luckily, they knew Harry Harris, Director of SUSD has always loved difficult and perhaps impossible projects, in fact, Harry thrives on them.  Harry and his team worked with United Reformed Church to create a new chapel, community hall, offices and funded the project by the sale of two innovative apartments on the upper floors.

Harry then took the project one step further by opening up spaces to create natural light; included a host of energy saving features, from the mundane but important high level of insulation through to a provision to recycled water. The nineteenth century building was ready to face another hundred years of use.

Harry Harris and the SUSD team have turned a sad old building which some developers would have loved to demolish, into a mixed use fit for purpose building, that the residents of Bayswater can be proud to see on their street again. The parishioners love their new light bright community hall.  The Trust have new modern offices and two London families now have homes in our great Capital city.The two apartments sold for just under £2 million each within minutes of coming onto the market.  The apartments were not built to a formula.  Careful space optimisation  was utilised using the SUSD internal architectural interior designer who is a genius at creating something out of nothing.  The new owners appreciated the innovative way the architects had designed the space to use every nook and cranny to create maximum living areas.

21.06.13 /

All Saints Road Retail Festival

SUSD has been involved in the All Saints Road Retail Festival in which the wide variety of local, independent retailers that our street has to offer, opened their doors to the public over the course of Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June. The festival included a whole host of different events and activities varying from Music Performances to a Rum Tasting and even Pony Rides for children.






SUSD has worked to produce an installation related to ideas of sustainability and reuse within the urban environment, as well as an architectural consultation about contemporary sustainable development. The installation included the use of coffee grinds from various retailers along All Saints Roads to grow oyster mushrooms, a vertical garden for growing strawberries and tomatoes made from recycled water cups from the Street’s Health Centre as well as the use of excess materials such as plywood, plastic tubs and plasterboard from our own development at the United Reformed Church in Bayswater. The aim of this installation was to show how complex, technological solutions are not always the best way of achieving sustainability. What is really necessary to achieve a shift towards a more sustainable future is a change in our own values and understanding of waste as well as a realisation that the large majority of what is simply throw away in the U.K. has a genuine monetary value, value that can be extracted through low-tech, cheap and relatively simple solutions.

Throughout the course of the day we will also run workshops with children, teaching them how to plant fruit and vegetables as well as educating them about waste and reuse within the city. By appealing to children at a young age maybe we can encourage a legacy of sustainability into the future?






To achieve the installation we also engaged with our community of shop owners and neighbours along All Saints Road. Contemporary society dictates that it is often possible to live as neighbours with someone for many years without even engaging with them. Efforts such as these can also be used to rekindle these local synergies that are often missing from modern high streets across theU.K.